Blogging On A Plane …


I’ve been in Germany since Tuesday with Ethan and Mike, and I started writing a blog post on the plane, which I then promptly forgot about once we arrived …

‘I’m blogging on a plane … well, to be more accurate I’m writing this in the notes app of my phone as the WordPress app doesn’t work in flight mode! I’m currently on a plane somewhere above France with Mike and Ethan, en route to Stuttgart. We’re heading to Friedrichshafen to spend a week with Robert and Andrea, my ex’s dad and stepmum (that’s right, he whose name we don’t mention). Myself and Ethan have been many times before, but this is Mike’s first trip. Quite how he feels about staying with his girlfriend’s ex in-laws I’m not sure, but Robert and Andrea are the most friendly and hospitable people I know (unlike he whose name we don’t mention), so by the end of the week I’m sure Mike will feel like part of their family too.

We’re flying with Flybe, on a very small plane … and we’re currently going through a pocket of turbulence – eek! I’ve never flown with Flybe before, but I’m impressed with their staff, who I’m finding to be friendly and helpful, which definitely helps when you are a nervous flyer like myself and Ethan. This is a different route for us – when we land we’ve got a two hour train journey to Friedrichshafen – but given that Birmingham airport is a mere 10 minutes from home I can’t complain as ordinarily we’d have a 2 1/2 hour drive to Stansted and then an hour’s drive from Memmingem to Friedrichshafen, so I’m hoping that this turns out to be a much better route for us …’

So, that was our trip here. We had a couple of hours in Stuttgart before our 2 1/2 hour train ride to Friedrichshafen, which in itself was quite eventful. There was a horrendous thunderstorm with huge hailstones, which we were sure would smash the windows of the train as they smashed against them with such force. But we were quite safe, and arrived safely eventually.

We’re having a very relaxing time, which is just what the doctor ordered after the events of the last few months. I’ll try and blog more later, but for now I think I’m going to go and put my feet up for a bit …


About katiepopsmartin

I'm a busy 40-something, juggling many things at the same time, including a very rewarding and challenging job in the NHS, being the founding partner of a small company manufacturing business and craft rubber stamps, a hobbyist enjoying the challenge of working with yarn and paper (not usually at the same time, obviously), trying to get the house sorted out, studying for further qualifications and being a harrassed single Mum.

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