Swatch Out!


Is it me, or has this week just flown by?  It seems like only yesterday that I was gleefully locking up my office and heading off for a week of relaxation at home with The Man … sadly, it wasn’t just yesterday, it was over a week ago, and I’m back to work tomorrow.  Bleurgh!

It would be nice to say thatweI’ve had an absolutely fantastic time, been here, there and everywhere and done this, that and the other, but nothing could be further from the truth!  We’ve been incredibly lazy and barely left the house; though we did manage bits of housework here and there, and even a bit of gardening (when I say gardening, I mean an hour spent looking despairingly at the jungle which sits where my garden used to be; moving big stones off to one side and pondering loudly how much it might cost me to just get someone to come and sort it out on my behalf).  In the main, we’ve been sat at the dining table, The Man playing games on his computer, and me trawling stitch patterns and knitting sites in general, which has been quite productive.  My brain has been teeming with potential new designs, and there’s been lots of swatching going on.  So much so, in fact, that there is a five foot pile of swatches on the mantelpiece.  Oh, alright then.  Three.  That’s three swatches, not three feet …

So, coming soon (once I’ve stopped swatching and committed to one design at a time) will be another one-skein shawlette pattern, in fingering weight yarn; and then possibly another shawlette, which might actually really be a scarf, or maybe even a cowl (it’s been all three this weekend, but it hasn’t made its mind up yet).  Then there might be another pair of socks or two on the horizon, and maybe something manly.

In the meantime, I want to get the train to work tomorrow, so that means bedtime now, otherwise I won’t be able to get up early enough and will end up driving yet again … and after a week sat on my bum playing with needles and yarn, I really need the exercise!

Night, all!


About katiepopsmartin

I'm a busy 40-something, juggling many things at the same time, including a very rewarding and challenging job in the NHS, being the founding partner of a small company manufacturing business and craft rubber stamps, a hobbyist enjoying the challenge of working with yarn and paper (not usually at the same time, obviously), trying to get the house sorted out, studying for further qualifications and being a harrassed single Mum.

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