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Niff No More!


Now, I know you’ve been on tenterhooks all day, wondering if I managed to get rid of the nasty sludge-induced smell … I’m happy to report that by the time I got up this morning, the nasty niff was gone. 

I had to go over to the other Hospital site this morning for my course – I’m doing an ‘Adult Apprenticeship’ through work, which will result in a certificate in the Principles of Management, functional skills certificates, and an NVQ3 in Business Management.  If I’m honest, this isn’t really what I want to be doing, but as I can’t afford to finish my degree unless I win several billion on the Lottery, I’m going to take any and every opportunity to add more qualifications and skills to my CV.  Developing my skills is obviously a sensible and valid thing to be doing, and I am enjoying it, but I do find that a morning spent out of the office is counterproductive because I end up having a stressed afternoon trying to catch up with everything that didn’t get done because I wasn’t there.  I find myself getting more and more stressed these days over stupid little things, when really I should realise that I’m not superhuman and I can’t do everything … but with so much going on it’s difficult to fit everything in.  I got really stressed this morning about the fact that the shuttle bus between the two sites was late and that I might potentially therefore be late for my course … I need to step back and stop stressing over things that I can’t control.  Well, I can try …